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PRO Monofin 4 Carbon

PRO Monofin 4 Carbon


The PRO Monofin 4 Carbon features a lightweight and responsive glossy carbon blade, giving extra snap and propulsion to your kick.


The blade is also reinforced to protect against the common points of breakage in carbon blades.

The captivating new blade design features double-lined blade accents, now on both ends of the blade, with a smoothed-out silhouette. Additionally, optimized inserts are now placed into foot pockets according to blade stiffness, giving them a more ‘spring-like’ effect for better transition of energy from the feet to the blade.


The soft and medium stiffness options of the PRO Monofin 4 Carbon are ideal for freedivers who use an ankle-driven technique that focuses on both a strong front and back kick. The blade-layering structure has been updated to support this low-effort, almost straight leg technique by keeping the load on the ankles. The standard foot pocket angle is set at 30° but can be customized depending on the flexibility of your ankles.


Tailor your monofin specifically to your build, strength, and diving technique with the PRO Monofin 4 Carbon - our most customizable carbon monofin and the lightest in our range of monofins. Customization options include blade and accent color, blade size, blade stiffness, and the choice between standard-sized or customized foot pocket size, fit, and angle.

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