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The Team

Who We Are

Pepe Salcedo

Founder - freediver

I'm Pepe Salcedo, I was born in Mexico City, and I grew up in Cuernavaca, but I finished my development in Ensenada Baja California studying Oceanography. After many traveling and experiences, I arrived in Playa del Carmen to establish my personal and professional project, between 2015 and 2018 always within the apnea, the distribution of equipment, spearfishing, and teaching, accompanied by underwater photos and videos.


I've had many experiences in the water, from a very young age, and in the waves. As my environment and my skills developed, apnea took over my personal existence as a hobby, and as a professional because of teaching and competitions, and as an artistic one, since photography, videography, acting and even depth are forms of expression for me more than a business.


My first memory in the water is playing at jumping from the bottom of the pool to the surface, for hours to take breaths from time to time, and chasing crabs underwater between the stones to feed them to a moray eel.

I've formally developed in spearfishing, in Baja California, noticed a facility in my physique that others did not have, and by experiencing the certification and training structure, this potential was released and used correctly, for many years I grew gradually until between 2018 and 2021 I found an interesting exponential, which since my first competition in 2014, I felt coming.

I remember specific moments in different parts of my development when being underwater, I felt I belonged, a force that did not hold me down, but rather gave me peace of mind to voluntarily stay under, knowing that there was nothing that could hold me more than my own will by decision.

For many years I shared experiences as an equal with several people who marked my life, sometimes in a brotherly way, and sometimes in a romantic way. But it wasn't until recently that I found the sport in a fatherly way.

Having decided at the age of 21 to permanently rid myself of the possibility of childbearing, by having a vasectomy. My life changed radically. My decisions were seen as free and fickle, and although my path took time to define itself, it was always clear to me that my family would be chosen and not necessarily begotten. As my path began to be accompanied by people who found me desirable, inspiring, or admirable.

And I, being a very different person, and particularly impatient, always living at a thousand revolutions per minute, I met people who, despite me having a complicated temperament, and a character that always learns to handle themselves better, was a huge challenge for me to share the space and time. The magic of seeing people around me grow more or less quickly has been taking place, which in turn inspires new people to develop in ways that we have been able to experience.

Having a group that chooses each other in a professional, personal, or artistic way. Developing a name and a capacity encompassed in what is now a freediving school and more than anything in life in which everyone can feel protected, accompanied, and inspired to be better every day.

To understand that there are good days and bad days, but everyone can enjoy and improve.

Beginning with my first curriculum course in college, and progressing through SSI certifications at East Coast Divers with Nick Fazah, my development as an instructor and athlete has been limitless. Achieving first national and then continental records, I have managed to rank among the first 5 in the world in depth with bifins. I have managed to position myself as an example to follow in underwater photography and videography, and more importantly as a source of inspiration and action for thousands of people who, directly or indirectly, change their lives for the better, whenever they come to our sport.

Karina Cortés


I'm Karina Cortés, I was born and raised in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

I was lucky to have learned from my parents that "Money is spent traveling", with this teaching and my total love for the water and the sea, life has taken me through many paths, places and to meet many people who accompany me in these experiences and share my passion.

I studied graphic design but my place was always in the water. I became a professional diver in 2011 and have been working and learning around the world ever since.

In 2018 freediving entered my life and I trained as a cave diver in 2019. Always trying to continue growing, it was that life that led me to meet the Blackfin team, which opened the doors to train me, teach me, welcome me, become a true professional in freediving and totally change my life. I can say with a lot of gratitude that freediving changed and saved my life.

Water has always been my place of peace, but reaching these places using only your body is an indescribable experience.

I hope to continue growing and sharing and it makes me very happy to know that I have a place and an opportunity to achieve it.

Eliette Rutledge


Has come from a family of adventurers and is carrying that tradition. She is a strong, happy, and knowledgeable individual with a passion for creating unique experiences. Originally from Colorado she is an outdoor enthusiast with a wide range of expertise. She grew up traveling all over the world and continues to share her international experiences with others. Eliette has professional guiding experience ranging from humpback whale swimming to cross country ski terrain. Within these adventures She often finds herself behind a camera and has a keen eye for capturing unique moments above and below the water.

Sashi Kobashi


I'm Sashi Kobashi, I was born in Mexico City, but I have the Caribbean in my heart. I arrived in Cancun with my mother and sister in 2003. It was a really small town and there wasn't much to do except go to the beach. My mother would take us on weekends to spend the afternoon and get our feet wet.

My first contact with water was a trip with friends that I took at the age of 15 to Bacalar, we visited a cenote and I remember we had a scuba console with a depth gauge and we went down perhaps a few meters in amazement, at some point, I grabbed the roots of the trees that descended in the darkness of the cenote and I began to go down pulling them... the silence amazed me, I could hear my heart beating, turning to the surface and seeing the light pass through the roots was incredible and I thought "I wish I could stay here ”.

I did scuba diving for several years until I became a divemaster, I had the opportunity to visit many dive sites in the Riviera Maya area and in Baja California Sur. At the beginning of 2020, I met my instructor Pepe Salcedo with whom I did my first certification. With Blackfin Freedive I have developed as an athlete by participating in my first competition in 2021, the same year that I started the instructor course, with the school I have managed to share what I have learned along the way.

Mari Delgado


Hi! I'm Mari Delgado, a crazy Latina who, while rollerblading through the streets of Playa del Carmen, thinks of creative ideas to do underwater.

Born in Argentina and a traveler at heart, I came to Playa 7 years ago on vacation, only I never went back to Argentina!

Yes! I fell in love with the cenotes, with nature, with the people. I went through many jobs including Tour Guide, Scuba Instructor, Dancer, and one day wham! I got to know Freediving at the hands of Pepe Salcedo.

My life changed, everything I like began to take shape underwater.

I always felt like an artist and freediving allowed me to get to know myself deeply, I started modeling and dancing underwater through my courses, I saw Blackfinfreediving born by Pepe's hand and I was moved by each achievement.

I love teaching, seeing the progress of my students, seeing how they become one with the water and their lives change like mine.

4 years ago I dedicated myself to teaching level 1's, my babies as I say. I have seen many beautiful things underwater, from whale sharks and mantas to mermaids !!!

My passion is so great that karibbeanmermaids, sister school of mermaids of Blackfinfreediving, was born where we all become mystical and powerful creatures in the cenotes.

I love water, adventure, art, and a genuine connection with myself and with whoever surrounds me.

I hope to meet you soon! And may you be part of our Blackfin family!

Dr. Ricardo NuÑo Venegas


Graduated as Surgeon and Midwife from the University of Guadalajara. He is passionate about freediving and is certified as a freediver by the French AIDA agency at all recreational levels (AIDA 4), as a diving instructor by the North American agency SS1 (SS1 1), and as a WAVE 2 instructor by the Russian agency Molchanovs Freediving. . He currently practices general medicine and first found in Playa del Carmen, providing medical care to gambling and the general public. On the other hand, he trains and certifies people in the practice of freediving in the Riviera Maya.

Libertad Coronel 


She comes from Guadalajara, Jalisco. For as long as she can remember she is happy as long as she is in the water. As her name says, she is a free and adventurous spirit who manages to infect everyone with her energy and happiness. Her fascination for the sea and the mysteries of the underwater world have led her to travel the oceans and enjoy them from surfing in its waves or diving in the depths, her passion has led her to certify herself in more than one specialty such as being a mermaid instructor, instructor Freediving and underwater photographer. She always with a camera and a smile ready.

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