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Instructor Courses

We explicitly reserve the right to refuse applicants and/or pass instructor candidates.

  • 49 hr
  • Private or Scheduled

Service Description

Becoming a Freediving ProBecBecoming a Freediving ProBecoming a Freediving Profesional is a very rewarding path in life, especially if you enjoy investing in yourself and  love traveling, this program will provide you with the necessary tools to properly share knowledge and skills the SSI way and professionally profit on it while choosing where to live and work. The program requires that you are certified SSI Level 3, this means comfortably freediving to depths of between 20 and 30 meters with instructor level technique, This in not a program to obtain the technique, but to SHARE and TRANSFER it. The program includes subjects of SSI philosophy  and story, freediving knowledge and Teaching/Learning information. It explains to detail the path in teaching within the SSI standards and the structure of an SSI course. -Homestudy -Classroom teaching structure -Confined water structure (both pool and cenote) -Open water structure (both cenote and ocean) -Teaching experience practice We also focus on the practical application of this knowledge when facing day to day student situations, such as technique, equalizing trouble, CO2 tolerance. A lot of the content is reviewed on workshops both in the classroom and in water (confined and depth) and there is plenty of materials to be read before the course starts. The course takes all around some 80 hours to be completed, depending on student progress more time might be needed. The agility skills to be completed for a successful SSI Freediving Instructor Level 1 are: -All the In Water Performance Requirements where the Instructor applicant has to use fins must be performed with Stereo fins (Bi-Fins) e.g. no mono fins. -Perform a swim of 800m (using mask, snorkel and fins) within 20min -Perform a swim of 400m (just bathing suit/ no gear) within 10 min (any stroke) -Freedive to minimum 20m depth competently/ on demand. -Ascend from 15m using arms only -Ascend from 15m with no mask -Freedive 20m achieving a minimum dive time of 1.00min. – Freedive to 15m and hang for an unknown time (30sec-1 min, which is determined by the FIT) then rescue another Freediver from simulated blackout (BO) from that depth. -Endurance examination – max 1min preparation, 5 dives to 15m with 1min surface interval between dives. Blackout rescue from 15m and demonstrate a 50m tow. -Perform pool disciplines Dynamic (DYN) – minimum 60 m. -Perform a Static breath-hold (STA) minimum of 3:00 minutes. Dates when posible, might be opened on demand.

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  • 90 Avenida Pte, Ejidal, 77712 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

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